All retail environments are becoming more competitive. In addition to the competition you face on the High Street and from out-of-town shopping centres, the Internet has opened up a whole new range of shopping alternatives for your customers. As a result consumers are becoming ever more demanding and expect a good or great “shopping experience” wherever they go.

Pharmacies are different from other retail environments. After all, you’re not selling clothes, shoes or groceries; you are mostly dealing with people who are unwell or want to stay well by living healthier lifestyles.

Many of the Johnson & Johnson Ltd products that are available for you to stock are available in a range of non-pharmacy locations; convenience stores, petrol forecourts and supermarket shelves. Whilst consumers can buy these products from these outlets they WON’T get professional advice on dosage and administration or the benefit of your experience when it comes to passing on tips and practical information.

Despite not being a “normal” shop your customers still have expectations of what your pharmacy should look like and how they should be treated and served. The better you meet, or exceed these expectations the more satisfied the customer will be, leading to repeat business and a loyal customer.

This section is designed to help you make the most of your pharmacy; to make it a place that people WANT to visit. The pharmacy should project the appropriate image and you should be regarded as someone who not only cares about customers but is able to offer the tips and advice that can make such a difference.

Disclaimer Notice: Any tips and/or recommendations included in this section (or others in the website) are purely informational and do not constitute advice or guarantee any specific results.