Training for Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Training Club from Johnson & Johnson Ltd is completely free and has been designed to allow you to train at your own pace. The modules are available online so that you can complete them when it suits you. Johnson & Johnson Ltd have been making training modules available for over 10 years, but this is our biggest and most comprehensive pharmacy training program ever!

The Pharmacy Training Club from Johnson & Johnson Ltd not only provides product information on each category so that you can make the right recommendation from within our product portfolio, but also includes “soft skills” advice on how you can communicate and deal with your customers and patients more effectively. Competition is tough and in addition to suitable products, customers appreciate the tips, advice and service that you can offer. It’s an old saying but, if you don’t look after your customers, someone else will!  

Find out more by clicking on the Pharmacy Training Club icon. By completing each module and correctly answering multi-choice questions, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement that can be used as part of a CPD entry. In addition there are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Certificates for those successfully completing 4, 7, 10 and 12 modules respectively.

Pharmacy Webcasts

Johnson & Johnson Ltd are very active in organising face-to-face training events which are an excellent way of networking with pharmacy colleagues whilst adding to your knowledge.

However we are very aware that face-to-face meetings are not always a practical option so, for over two years, we have run an increasing number of Webcast events. These enable you and your colleagues to listen in to a 45-60 minute presentation in the comfort of your own home or, indeed, pharmacy!

For those unable to attend the “live” event, webcasts will be recorded, archived and available for you to access when it suits YOU. Simply set aside 45-60 minutes when you know you won’t be disturbed and access the Webcast library.